Home Wet Bar Personalized

Personalized Home Wet Bar 

Personalized Home Wet Bar

It may be a gift for a friend, family member, co-worker or yourself.  Personalized items are things we all keep forever…  The thought and time someone took into picking out that item and having it made just for me.  Just a few weeks ago I had a friend that did this for me with a pie pan…. because every time they would come visit I would make a homemade pie.  Now every time I make a pie I use it and think of the times we had together and it is also a great conversational piece.

in my house, we do like to entertain and have people.  Depending on who comes over it may be wine, martini’s, beer, or Bloody Mary.  The list can go on for all of us depending on our choice of drink.  When we have those personalized items in our home it always feels just a little more special that the normal glass.  The people that come into the house feel like we have rolled out the red carpet for them.  While we enjoy our company we always want them to feel special in our home.

Either way, these are items you can have in your own home or items that will be a gift that will last a lifetime.  Personalized wet bar is a beautiful way to make it that much more special.

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Personalized Glassware
Browse our handsome collection of personalized glassware, perfect for home and bar, they and add an extra personal touch. Engraved into the glass itself in-house right here at Home Wet Bar, the look is nothing shortWinchester Personalized Whiskey Decanter Set With Gift Box of stunning! Give the gift that keeps on giving with our custom glassware.    Naturally Brewed Personalized Beer Pitcher

Pure Elegance Personalized Champagne Flutes Set of 4


There are so many cool ideas for any ocation. Put an uplifting verse or personal note and just about anything to make it last a lifetime!


Liam’s Baby Needs

Liam’s Baby Needs Update!

Incidentally, we are getting closer! Liam’s baby needs the update! July 2nd is the due date. Ultimately, things are going great! Both mommy and baby are growing and growing.  Go here to see a video of Liam moving in momma’s belly. In my opinion, this is the best part of pregnancy! Throughout this page are links were you will find things for the baby registry. Meanwhile, we want to say thanks in advance to all our family and friends for partaking in the blessed event. Finally, the baby shower will be June 3rd. In the meantime, we will post more info as we get it. Hope to see you again.

Liam’s Baby Needs is dedicated to Heidi, Zack, and Our Great-Grandson. Heidi and Zack are a cute couple. Liam is their first child and is due in summer of 2017. Heidi is a baker at Hy-Vee and Zack work in the HVAC industry. In addition, he is an Army reservist. Next, we want to Thank you for your service. No doubt, you are both nervous, excited and even a little scared. First, always give Liam love very day. Second, be nurturing and patient no matter what time of day or night it is. Third, and most important, be good to each other. Your family is here for you always.

Liam’s Baby Needs All Right Here At Great Prices

In addition, we want to let family and friends know that All Liam’s Baby Needs can be found right here at great prices.

In my opinion, pregnancy is a memorable time in a woman’s life. Ultimately, the results are even more incredible. The gift of a child is remarkable and a newborn baby is one of Gods most perfect creations. With their teeny tiny little hands and their downy heads begging to be kissed. Just looking at those little faces will have you weeping with joy. I wish I could bottle up that stage forever. Regrettably, it comes and goes in an instant! In a blink of an eye, Liam will all grown up. So, always love him to the moon and back!

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While researching this information, it was not only fun but very interesting. In fact, I check it against several various sources because some of it was totally unbelievable. No Joke! After reading the first one. You’ll see what I mean.

In case you are curious, 4 babies are born every second and 255 around the world averaging out to 4.3 every second.
Source: US Census Bauru

However, the likely hood of having twins around the world is remarkable. Let’s face it, raise one is hard enough. The greatest odds are in the following countries, 22 to1 in Nigeria. West-African region is particularly prone to twins. Japan, on the other hand, is an overwhelming 200 to 1 can you imagine?
Source: randomhistory.com

Lanugo is Baby’s monkey hair. Yes, you heard it right. Ironically, at about four months into the pregnancy, a baby grows a mustache. In fact, over the course of about a month, the hair spreads all over their body. Most falls out before birth, but not always. However, this part is the most disgusting… While in the womb the Lanugo sheds and it is eaten by the baby. Next, it is digested and is part of the baby’s first stool called Meconium.
Sources: Ovuline com/guide

Actually, did you know that babies will double their weight in the first five months? Think about! All they do is eat, sleep and poop. Then, Eat, sleep and poop some more. EAT, SLEEP AND POOP all day long. Presently, Heidi does two out of the three.
Source: Disneybaby.com

By, the way did you know babies are born with not only taste buds on their tongue but the entire surface of the mouth? Now we know why they are always spitting their food out. Got to be a total overload…Right. Of course, they do fade over time.
Source: Randomhistory.comAt this point, you might want to make sure you are sitting down for this one! Strangely enough, while babies are in the womb they absorb the mother’s hormones. In fact, baby girls can have a period within 2-3 days from birth as the uterine lining is being shed. All babies have boobs and lactate. If that’s not freaky enough they can also bleed out of their boobs.
Sources: Cracked.com and Mothersofchange.com

On the other hand, did you know baby’s eyes are already 75% of their adult size when born? On top of that, they are near sided. Their vision is 20/400 at birth and should reach 20/20 by six months old. At any rate, are you freaked out yet?
Source: random history.com and E Medicine Health

In any case, babies born in the month of May weigh more than ones born in any other month? On average about 200 grams more. No one really knows why. Source: Random history com

Ultimately, newborns recognize Mom’s voice at birth. At birth, their hearing is not 100% because the middle ear still has fluid that impairs the hearing. That is why babies respond better to a female voice over others.
Sources: WebMD and randonhistory.com

Next, this will most likely freak a new mother out. It did me the first time. At any rate, babies tend to sleep with their eye opened. Don’t worry, that does not make them possessed.
Source: babycenter.com

Liam's baby Needs

Ok, Heidi and Zack, this one is for your boy. Zack, don’t get too excited…. But Baby boys get erection both in and outside the womb. This is just a little feat.
Source: cracked.com

Guess what! I bet you think since adults are bigger and wider they have more bones than babies. Wrong! Ultimately, babies start out with 270 bones but by the time they reach young adulthood they have 206. Ironically, the reason for this bone loss is the spine and brain fusing during growth. In addition, they do not start out with knee caps either. In fact, it is just a structure of cartilage that develops into real knee caps over a few years. As a result, they start losing that baby bounce. Of course, the other bones develop in a similar way.
Sources: Online orthopedics and howsfuffworks.com

More Of Liam’S baby Needs

Meanwhile, a newborn does not shed a tear for the first few week or longer depending on development. The tear ducts and glands are working but only produce enough to keep the eyes lubricated and protected. Therefore, they just scream. But don’t get me wrong! As a result, you will hear them from any room in the house. Source: online nurse practitioner schools .and Jennifer Shu MD

On the other hand, I bet you didn’t know babies can crawl as soon as they are born? Really! Back in 1987, the Karolinska institute in Sweden put together their findings of a study on breast crawl. Ultimately, after babies were born, cleaned and dried they should lay them on the mother chest and within an hour they would find the breast for feeding.
source: breastcrawl.com

Incidentally, baby’s breath way faster than child’s or adults. The rate of their breath is 40 times a minute. On the other hand, ours is 12 to 20 breaths per minute. Ironically, up until about 7 months, they can breathe and swallow at the same time.
Source: random history.com and Oregon Health & Science university

However, If You Take 40 Breathes A Minute, You Will Get Dizzy.

Next, the Fontanelle is the soft pulsating spot on the top of the baby’s head where the skull is not fully developed. As a result, you should be careful of this area for about six months.
Source: cracked.com

Guess what else? Babies are super human. Ultimately, it is because of their instinct is to grasp and hold on. What you may not know is that they have enough strength to hold up their whole body.
source: random history.com

More Liam’s BabyNeeds Registry Items

Next, most babies are born with Blue eyes because the color comes from particles behind the iris and in the main tissue of the iris. Meanwhile, the melanin pigment in the main tissue in most cases is not developed at birth. In fact, regardless of genetics, they are born with blue eyes. In fact, within 6 to 12 months, the melanin pigment is activated by genetics.
Source: National eye institute

Ultimately, Babies will forget most of their first three years of their life. In fact, Neuroscientists call this “infantile amnesia” and have several theories about why this occurs, but we can all agree that regardless of why it happens! Consequently, the result is that all of us adults are blissfully unaware of the completely bizarre things we did when we first entered this world, and the effect it had on others.
Source: Phycology today


Ultimately, You Will Find All Of Liam’s Baby Needs Right Here At Unbeatable Pricing

Steampunk Nautical Journey


Steampunk Nautical Journey Game is about to captivate your eyes, hands, and mind with some intense and addicting fun. Get in into one of the most exciting and entertaining sub-adventures under the sea.  With some of the coolest, lighting ever! This GameLoot inspired journey is all you need. Meanwhile, make your free time entertaining with this mobile game. Lots of tokens & rewards along the way!

Steampunk Nautical Journey Game

Ready for Deep Sea adventure as you navigate a Steampunk Diving Machine through the depths of the Ocean.  Encounter Mines, Gold Coins, and other Steampunk Creatures.

Challenging Enemies & Obstacles Provided By Mysterious Foe!

This isn’t an easy game, and I highly caution you on the side of “LOOK OUT THIS IS ADDICTING!!!”

Steampunk Nautical Journey Game

In fact, when I first played this game, several hours went by quickly. Ultimately, my family thought I was lost to them forever. Then I got my son playing.  And all night – all we did was play the game. I finally for a game we can both relate to. It was awesome.

Now I have a SPECIAL LINK (GO HERE NOW) where you can get this Game For Free.  Plus,  Play in Tournaments and compete with friends, family, or complete strangers for your shot at some amazing prizes.  And not digital prizes, but real tangible products, Gift Cards, and really cool stuff (Electronics, Computers, Cars, Some Crazy Stuff). That’s right I said it!

Steampunk Nautical Journey – You will Love this Game!

If you have a Smartphone, Tablet, or Android/iOS Device, you need to add this Game to your Entertainment Needs.  We are not kidding when we say this game is addicting.

Steampunk Nautical Journey Game is quickly becoming a Mobile Game Sensation.  I literally see kids (of all ages – including you Laura) playing this and getting very involved with the challenge it gives us all.

You are about to be set to go on a Nautical Journey

Steampunk Nautical Journey Game


Incidentally, take this non-stop deep sea adventure of goodness with exciting tales and legends. Challenge enemies and obstacles provided by mysterious foes. With multiple unique stages to challenge your skills, you can look forward to hours and hours of fun and excitement for everyone. With so many obstacles, you will Ultimately, need power-ups. Easy to add. Go here and Register.  Then add it to your Mobile Phone, Tablet, or any Device. Let the Games begin!

Finally, Go Here to Register – and Get this Awesome Game For Free!

You will become completely Addicted to Steampunk Nautical Journey Game For Free, Access a Deep Sea World of Steampunk!
Submergible Steamboats!
Tales & Legends!
Plus So Much More…




Quote For The Week!

Welcome to Quote week. Everyone can always use some inspiration, Expression, and just plain ole fun. I enjoy finding and reading the different quotes that people have put out there. In my opinion, they don’t always have to be by famous people either. In my searches, I have found quotes from all aspects of life. Ultimately you can find them by themes, peoples strange words just to name a few.

Quote Week- How Many Can You Find?
See Below for quote Of The Week!

Famous Quotes are a great way to enhance anyone’s day! They can be used at work to inspire, to boost up a friend, place in a card for special occasions. A quote a day keeps the madness away! These Quotes are Humorous and Enlightening, a Wonderful Mix of Satire and Wisdom. They are Quirky and Intriguing, Full of Meaning and Life’s Philosophy. Your Directory is another get location.

Funny Family Quotes

Above all, funny quotes about family will make you laugh like never before. In fact, many times they will even have a bit truth about them. What is thquote weekat saying “kids say the darndest things”. Actually came from an American comedy show from 1995. Called Kids say the darndest things hosting Bill Cosby. Pinterest is a great place for these. This is one of my favorites.

Animal Quotes

Animals bring so much joy into the lives of their owners. They provide us with comfort, love, and respect. In fact, they never judge and are not cruel like people are to them. Animals feel the ill. Comfort the elderly. Ultimately can change the lives of everyone they come in contact with. Never expecting anything in return but our love.

Famous Quotes

People of all ages need a little encouragement. Our president had some of the most inspirational and memorable quotes in history. They have been inspiring and leading us for centuries. In my opinion, they will for many more years to come. Be sure to check out Alice In Wonderlands crazy bizarre quotes Here




New Stuff and Welcome to our Site

Thank you for stopping by.  You have found the home for new stuff entering the Internet.  We are constantly adding and updating our site with information, opinions, and details about new things coming out online all the time.  Our goal is to lead the online community with the best source of new stuff available online.

Why?  Because that is what we do.  We find them, we add them, and we share them all here.  This site is your “inside” source for new things that can make a difference in your life.  In both needs, wants and entertainment (something we all want more of all the time).  There are several things on this site that can enhance and make your life better.  Be sure to check back often, and be sure to browse through our various Categories of information.  This is something that is growing all the time, and it is all here for you, our valued friends and viewers.

New Stuff – and New Innovations:

From amazing information and access to ways to make life better. Where you save money and have access to things that only help you live better, live richer, and live healthier lives.

We have been trying to cover several different areas of interest and will be adding some very unique ones in the days to come.  New Stuff happens all the time… So keep posted.  Some of them have time limits to their availability so be sure to register so you’ll get the Email notifications when this is happening.

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Favorite Finds:

new stuffOne of our favorite finds is Game Loot Network.  You can see that in the Arts & Entertainment Section.  This is something that anyone with a Smartphone (Android or Apple) should have a look at.  Fun Games, that allow you to win actual prizes.  If you are looking for some entertaining ways to spend time, or deal with the lines, these fun Games have it all.  From hand and eye coordination to competitive and even tournament play with your friends, or the Gaming Network at large.

Very addictive if I can say so myself.  (And I do say so myself).  This is something we found long before anyone else in the blogging world.  As the months go by Game Loot Network is becoming a larger and larger Gaming App Network.  One place for all the greatest game apps and all of them having a shared and fluid currency and prize currency where you can play in tournaments and win actual prizes.  This is the next generation of Mobile and Application based gaming.  You are witnessing first hand, the next “everybody is doing it” online trend that is growing worldwide.

We are always going to be adding more:

We are adding all sorts of Offers and New Online Finds from A to Z.  There is always something beneficial for anyone and everyone.  These are products and services we use and try ourselves.  When they work, and the savings are there, we just add them to our lists of other great services.  All of these are located in their proper category (see to the left).

So we hope you have just as much fun seeing what is in store for you here, as we did finding them in the first place!  New Stuff, and well cool stuff too.

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Sociable: Become your Own Social Media Agency


Sociable Social Media Agency Within the realm of the Internet, Careers are created.  New Needs are Created! Along with these New Needs comes New Demands.  Equally importantly we find ways to fill these demands, Careers and more importantly Profits are created.

Sociable social media agency


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